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Musher's Secret, Two Paws Up!

We probably found Musher’s Secret in 2006 or 2007 and at the time had Hailey and Max. I think it was a particularly cold and snowy winter and Hailey especially was having a hard time traversing the cold snow in our back yard. Our sweet girl loved to spend time running around out in the snow but on really cold days just going out to potty we would see her lifting a leg up to get her foot out of the snow. Our poor girl! We went to our local pet store and got both her and Max fitted for boots. I can tell you it was the funniest thing and has to be the dog world equivalent to Ralphie getting a pink bunny suit from Aunt Clara on A Christmas Story. They were both walking like a duck, kicking their back feet as they went along. We knew that just wasn't going to solve our problem since neither of them enjoyed wearing those boots.

We did some research and found Musher’s Secret. We loved how this product worked to protect their feet and not just in the winter, but year round. It is a wax product and the wax is what helps protect them from the snow and ice getting packed in between their toes. We were also happy to learn that we could use it to protect their feet when we went on our local horse trail hikes, which Hailey especially loved!

Through trial and error we figured out how much was just enough, realizing that if we used too much our dogs would be slipping all over the wood floors. That is one of the Musher’s Secret pro tips is make sure you don’t use too much, it will make your dogs pads more slippery rather than absorbing completely into them and creating more traction.

Since we do have wood floors, and especially with Hailey as she got older, she had trouble just walking across our floors. When we started using Musher’s Secret more often, probably weekly, it helped give her the traction she needed to comfortably and safely walk on our carpet less floors. The wax absorbs into their paw pads and makes them more supple which is what creates the traction. That is a second pro tip, it is great with older dogs who struggle on floors where there isn’t carpet.

This has proven to be a very valuable product for us and we have used it a lot more than we initially anticipated. It doesn’t expire and since you only have to use a little bit it is a great investment for the cost. Their website goes into detail on all the possible uses, including putting some on their noses and even on hot spots! We highly recommend you checking it out for your dog! You should also be able to find what local pet stores carry it in your area off of their website,

Watch our YouTube video below to hear more about Musher's Secret from us!

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