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We walked by him sitting in his kennel and I was like oh man, another beagle! When we met, he crawled into my lap and that was it, we knew he was coming home with us!

IMG_0724 2.jpg

Our sweet little Cooper, came into our lives at the end of 2012. We had Hailey and Grover at the time. We had started looking for a third dog shortly after losing Max. We went to meet another dog during an adoption event and there were so many people interested in that dog so we went inside the county shelter to look at the dogs available for adoption. 


Cooper loves treats and will sit on his back legs when he thinks treats are possible. He will also do these big Tigger bounces because he just gets so excited about eating. Cooper is the strong silent type, even though he doesn’t bark he is pretty good at telling us what he wants, especially if that involves getting more pets. He loves attention and getting lots of snuggles, pets, and kisses, especially from his mom. 

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