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Hailey 2002-2017

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Hailey taught us how resilient dogs can be as she welcomed several adopted canine brothers over the years and other fosters even though we were told she should remain an only dog. Watching her play with her canine brothers was thrilling and something we are so glad we could give her. She had such a love for life, she loved finding the spot of sunshine, whether inside or outside and could lay in it for hours. 


We adopted Hailey in 2005, a couple of months after getting married. She was three years old at the time and was not doing well in the shelter environment. The shelter labeled her as a yorkie lab mix which to this day we find funny and have speculated what kind of dog she actually was. She was this short black hair, 35lb ball of sweetness! 

We quickly discovered Hailey loved to eat, she loved treats, she loved toys especially chewing on Nylabones. She made quite a few into pointy spears that when stepped on probably felt like when you step on a stray lego! 

When she would run around outside she had this kind of rocking horse back and forth motion which was absolutely adorable. 


We dubbed her the party police after we adopted Cooper. She had such a low and loud bark and would bark at Grover and Cooper when they would play. She would also hop around with them so I am sure she wanted to join in but she sounded more like the boss. 

It is pretty amazing the unspoken language we developed with her, we could communicate emotions without words and she knew exactly what we were feeling. And the same thing went with her, we just had a sixth sense connected to her. Knowing it was her time to go was no different, she took the burden off of us and with one look we knew what she was telling us. There is a giant hole in our lives without her as she, like all dogs, was one of a kind. 

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