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Grover has the best sense of humor, he is a dog that just makes you smile. We could gush about all of our dogs and Grover is no exception! We just love everything about him. He is your typical beagle and has that amazing beagle bark. Grover is actually the muse for our name and logo. He really knows how to get our attention. He loves playing with toys and using his nose to find things. Grover has been through basic and advanced obedience classes with both of us and it was the most fun! He really enjoyed learning new things and is a really smart dog.

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We were a two dog household when Adam said I think we need a beagle. As luck would have it Grover ended up at the local shelter where I volunteer so I was like well we have a really cute boy who came in. We brought him home to foster right after he had his neuter surgery. So we may have been a little misguided about the beagle because he was on meds post-surgery and was super chill. When he recovered and came out of his shell we knew he was going to be a pretty special dog and was going to add so much to our lives and the lives of our other dogs. He and Hailey played together immediately and became such good friends. Grover really learned the ropes from his big sister and their relationship and bond was a pretty cool thing to watch.

Grover knows how to sit, high five or as we refer to it “slap it”. He also developed a game that we call “sock job”. He will go to the laundry room with us and wait for us to give him a pair of socks. He will then take them up the stairs and into the bedroom. We have no idea why he loves this so much, but he could do this all day long! And he has never chewed one up, he simply takes them to the bedroom where he thinks they belong! BONUS: when Adam leaves socks anywhere in the house Grover always picks up after him!  We absolutely love this sweet and silly beagle!

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