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I’ve always loved tinkering with things and learning how they work. With a soft spot for old craftsmanship and vintage tools, I’ve always enjoyed creating with my hands. I think it started when I was child during visits to grandparents house in Euclid, Ohio. My grandfather, who had been a machinist by trade, had a huge work bench in his basement, tons of worn hand tools  and garage full of old cast iron wood working machines. I can remember being 3 or 4 years old and he would set me up with some cut-offs, a hammer, and some nails and I would be entertained for hours.


As I grew up I developed an interest in music. I had fun playing but my interest quickly diverted to the mechanics of musical instruments and what made them work. Thru my high school and college years I worked as a drum technician and later managed operations of a drum shop. 


Once my wife Jamie and I married, our first objective was naturally… getting a dog. We were introduced to Hailey by a mutual friend who volunteered at the shelter. Hailey was surrendered in a neglect case and her beginnings are probably what drew me and Jamie toward the animal welfare community.  


Over the past decade I have participated in many animal welfare initiatives and have met a ton of really great people. I have served on the board of an organization working to increase public safety and promoting breed neutral companion animal legislation. I have helped draft municipal legislation that has become law. I’ve testified at both the state and local levels on behalf of owners. I was part of a core group of people who worked with local government to create a dog park in our community. This park has now become one of the city’s most frequented and used parks and recreation installations.

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I have spent the majority of my adult life working a 9-5 job involving companion animals and their owners. I love seeing how pets enrich our lives. Being part of finding solutions to help people care for their pets everyday has really been a rewarding experience. I started The Baying Hound as an ID stamping business. I wanted to build something timeless, something durable, something different. We are still making tags, and are expanding the scope of The Baying Hound so stay tuned. Between some cool designs, and rustic charm, we hope to sprinkle in a little of our own pet owning experience. I hope you’ll stick around and be a part of the community.


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