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These NEW tag blanks are sooo EXTRA...

We are bringing some really cool blanks online really soon and couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek with you. One of the premises of starting The Baying Hound was to build a durable tag. The market is flooded with cheap unsubstantial tags that scratch and mar easily. Given the importance of a pet’s ID tag we wanted to make something that would stand up to this tremendous responsibility. We knew we could offer a robust alternative to what was already available and that would be as full of character as your pet’s personality.

Our traditional tag blanks are typically 18 gauge,

which is a pretty hefty thickness. We have searched near and far for a more substantial tag to add to our assortment because you know… when it comes to our pets things can never be too substantial. These tags are about 2.5 times as thick as our traditional tags. While they are very up to the task of everyday wear, they are big and beefy and will command some additional attention. Let us know what you think… and stay tuned we should have these available to you very soon.

The featured 'GROVER' tag in this post is a 1.25"x1.25" diamond shaped solid copper tag featuring text in our 7mm Carnival font without any enamel fill. Like all our tags, this tag also features our maker's mark on the back. Interested? Visit the 'contact us' section and let's talk about what we can create for you!

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