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These dogs are SOOO fancy!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Jamie and I are nerds so today we whipped up a fancy charcuterie board for the dogs. Of course everyone lost their minds so Grover humored us while Zack and Coopie waited outside. Don’t worry everyone got some.

Cue the classical music…

This fancy spread features a Nobl food bar, and some freeze-dried vegetables from their treat line, some Answers Goat Cheese with cherries, some (local to us) Cakehound ‘shortbark cookies’, K9 Crisps chicken chips, and Primal’s Omega Mussel Mélange Edible Elixir.

GO SPOIL YOUR DOGS… Here’s some links for you:

We purchase this stuff locally at Fangs & Fur and Mutts & Co, and ordered the NoBL items direct.

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