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Thanksgiving 2020

In Thanksgivings past Adam and I have celebrated with our families. Each year we would plan to alternate between families, but we always ended up seeing both because we love seeing our families on Thanksgiving. Between seeing each family, we would stop at home to check on the dogs, let them out and then head to the next house to continue celebrating the holiday. We are sure the dogs had their own party, a slumber party! But our celebrations never allowed us to take them with us. This usually bummed us out because we wanted to include our dogs in most of the things we did.

This year we are staying home with our dogs and we could not be more excited. Don’t get us wrong, we will miss spending the holiday with our families, but spending the day with our dogs is something we are looking forward to. We are excited to take them on a holiday walk as we enjoy the crip air and the smell of all the turkey dinners being cooked throughout the neighborhood. That smell that seeps out of every house only once a year, on this most delicious of holidays.

In addition to our holiday meal, we have planned a special meal for our dogs. Of course taking into consideration what dogs shouldn't eat, the dogs dinner will consist of a little turkey, Stella & Chewy’s beef stew, some pumpkin and goats milk. We know they are going to be so excited! We are looking forward to napping together on the couch after we all eat way too much food! Watching our dogs sleep, knowing they have had a fun day and full tummies is just the best!

We will admit we humanize the dogs; but there is no greater joy in our life than giving whatever we can to our dogs and making their lives as special as they can be.

We are so thankful that we have been able to give these dogs a loving and warm home. They bring so much to our lives and we both realize how lucky we are to have them.

We would love to hear how you are making your Thanksgiving special for your dogs! Bark back at us in the comments to let us know what traditions you have and what you might be starting new this year.

From The Baying Hound pack to your pack, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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