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Our little place in a Maker's space

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Jamie and I hustled all week to get our display ready for installation at Electric Sheep Makerspace in time for their grand opening this Saturday. Electric Sheep is a community space supporting local makers and artists. There is a large open space perfect for hosting events and classes, as well as an area for local makers and artists to sell their wares.

We have spent the past three years developing our brand. What started as a hobby business making durable ID tags has really started to flourish for us by means of our amazingly supportive friends, family, and customers. Through constant refinement, we are crafting and re-crafting our aesthetic and are carving out a niche for ourselves revolving around our interests. Obviously we both love dogs particularly hounds, so naturally Grover the Beagle became a great muse for our logo and a constant source of inspiration. I have a particular obsession with old-timey and industrial decor, and love creating with my hands. We have been working as much reclaimed materials into our assortment, and are constantly working to repurpose, reuse, and re-create inspired goods for you and your dogs.

Considering most of our exposure thus far has been through online sales and social media, Jamie and I are excited to have a space alongside many other local creators in our community to share what we have created. If you are in central Ohio please consider making a visit to this unique and supportive space. The Electric Sheep Makerspace will be hosting an Open House 7.17.21 from 12p-6p

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